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“It’s amazing what police and firefighters do every day to help people; I am glad they will be recognized for their efforts. Preston visited me in the hospital. He and the whole crew went above and beyond to make sure I got to see my family again. On the journey to the hospital, my wife got to know Preston and learned about his work with Veterans, helping to raise suicide awareness in the fight against post-traumatic stress disorder.”

“I met the police who performed CPR on me they came to my house so I could thank them in person. I also visited the firehouse recently and got to introduce myself to the guys who saved my life. It was a very scary experience for me my family they helped us through it. We also got to hear John sing. He sang a song he wrote for his father. The lyrics were very powerful. He saves lives, writes songs and sings,” says Milne.

“Having spent the last few years sending out the message and raising awareness about veteran suicide and the dangers of PTSD I often switch my emotions off when it comes to being a firefighter. The outcome is not always good no matter how hard we try. I visited Milne in hospital as it resonated with me after losing my dad, he is someone’s dad too,” adds Preston.

“ I lost my brother, and that just won’t do, how do you explain to a child that the man that was a hero is no longer here.”

 Veteran John Preston Delves Into Life Struggles On New Charity Album

BY Raychel Harvey-Jones


John Preston an always marine, firefighter and rock singer says he may have been to war, but there is no bigger fight than the one against preventing suicide in America Heroes.

Preston landed his first record deal while serving in Iraq. On returning from war, Preston has spent years working with veterans suffering from PTSD, only to lose his brother in January 2016 for the same reason.

“Superman Falls” is the title song on my new album and it is the only way I know how to say to those who are seeking help, do it— reach out, there is no shame. I suffered from PTSD for more than 10 years. I turned to alcohol and drugs and realized they are not the answer. My music and my determination to make sure that other families don’t go through what we went through when I lost the man I called a hero.” Says Preston.

Ahead of the album hitting nationwide “Superman Falls” will be released as a single as part of the collaborative album made possible by a partnership with the Valkyrie Institute and Pacific Records.

The new CD, “Battle Cry: Songs of America’s Heroes” will feature ten artists and 14 new songs. Some of the other well-known artists include Dave Bray, the Scooter Brown Band, Dee Rock. And Ryan Weaver.

“Each artist on this first-of-its-kind compilation CD has given something that came from the heart to support an amazing non-profit, The Valkyrie Initiative. As a combat Veteran and 2-time Gold Star Family member, seeing what Veterans can and will do to support others is inspiring, and I’m honoured to contribute my song ‘BURN’ to this project to continue that effort,” says Ryan Weaver.

While recent statistics have shown that 22 veteran lives are lost each day, Preston believes that number may be low. According to the Veteran’s Association since 2001 the rate of suicide among U.S Veterans has increased by almost 33%.
It says only a portion of these veterans were using any VA or medical services.

“My message is always to move forward and be you. Find what you love and go after it. Nothing feels better than watching dreams be a reality. We are war fighters and we can endure any battle ahead but must know we are not alone. Don’t try to be a hero, its ok because sometimes Superman falls.” Adds Preston.

The album will be available for pre-release on February 10th.

Singing Songs and Saving Lives

I know that it is rare that we are recognized like this and I hope that they embrace the moment and take the sentiment to heart. The four crews being honored are E62, E64, and M62 on two different shifts, says Deputy Fire Chief Catherine Capriles.

“Thank you for saving my life. The words are so inadequate when you realize what they did to help me,” says Andrew Milne of Palo Alto. 

In March, Milne suffered a heart attack at his home. The firefighters from Engine 64 and Medic 62 played a big role in saving Milne’s life. 

Country singer and always-marine John Preston was part of the 5-man team who brought Milne back from the edge of death.

By Raychel Harvey-Jones 

“We received a ‘man down’ call, so we are never really sure what we are walking into when we get those calls. When we arrived Milne had no pulse, he wasn’t breathing. We started compressions and shocks, until we brought him back,” says Preston.

“I lost my father recently seeing Andrew reminded me of that, seeing his wife and children I didn’t want them to lose a husband and father,” added Preston.”

Milne says his friends and family filled in the blanks of what happened as he doesn’t remember much about the day he collapsed. 

“My daughter heard me gasping for breath and called my wife, she reached out to a neighbor for help as they were waiting for the EMT crew to arrive. My neighbor who is a teacher gave me CPR, before the police and the firefighters arrived.”