" You are bat shit crazy I am never getting in a car with you."

August 8, 2016-- Sexual innuendos and colorful language aside “Bad Moms” is hilarious. Every modern day mom can relate to this movie between school runs, soccer practice, ugly outdated underwear and PTA meetings.

Jada Pinkett Smith, Annie Mumolo, Wanda Sykes and Martha Stewart fit perfectly among the star-studded cast.
Amy, a working mom played by Mila Kunis joins forces with two over stressed, over worked and at times off the wall moms. Their often alcohol-fueled message is very clear; it’s ok to be bad mom.

The suburban moms set out to “Bring down the perfect moms,” and to steal the PTA president throne from the uptight and perfectly coiffed Gwendolyn, played by Christina Applegate.



Moms so bad, they are good!

Kerry Cahill Goes Solo!

Cahill set to star in one woman show

Hollywood hard hitters

#first world problems the perfect hashtag for this camp and entertaining movie.

Walking Dead actress Ann Mahoney plays a mousey mom ready for a change.

Mahoney marks the turning point in the movie as she joins the rebellious trio for a strategy meet and greet, with the help of cheap wine!
“I get a lot of roles where there is a twist or a change brought on by the character I play,” says Mahoney
“From the minute I read the script I knew it would be a big hit with women. This is the stuff that other moms and I talk about it all time,” says Mahoney.

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the duo behind “Bad Moms,” interviewed hundreds of women to put the story together, they also wrote “The Hangover.
“The men wrote the movie as a love letter to their wives. To say, hey we know what you go through and, we appreciate you,” adds Mahoney.
Kristen Bell plays the timid but soon to be husband-taming ball breaking Kiki. Described in the movie as “the weird little stay at home mom.”
So which character did Mahoney relate to the most?
“ Kiki reminds me of me. She is just trying to hold it together. If I can leave the house without dried food stuck to my ass, then it’s a good day.”

Kathryn Hahn plays the sexually driven third mom Carla. Hahn is a scene-stealer looking for a cheap thrill and shorter high school baseball games. On Kahn's character, "Carla is funny. She just says what many of us are thinking,” says Mahoney.
Dating in your 40’s and an explanation on circumcision not available in any sex ed class, the movie looks at the modern mom in a way your grandmother would frown on.
The movie culminates with a last minute battle for the coveted PTA presidential throne as high school moms line up to admit they are bad moms.
“ The best piece of advice given to me when I was having my first child from a neighbor was babies don’t know any different. They are not taking notes; they are not hanging out with their baby friends comparing moms. My parents also told me, just love your kids, that’s what is important,” says Mahoney.
Working on “Bad Moms.”
“The environment on set during filming was joyful, very pro-women. All the stars had their kids and husbands on set. It was very inclusive. I don’t see that a lot in Hollywood.”


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"Babies don't take notes and compare them with their  baby friends"

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