By Raychel Harvey-Jones

Horizon Goodwill is helping to celebrate the great work done by older employees as part of National Older Workers Week.
For Sandra Brotemarkle getting a job in her 50’s was a challenge. Thanks to Horizon Goodwill she is on the road to a great career
Sandra started her journey with Goodwill about nine months ago.

She began training to do clerical duties, answering phones, greeting customers, and scanning and filing documents.
After just a few months Sandra is now working with Goodwill clients, teaching them about daily living skills.

“The transition that I have made from clerical work to working directly with individuals has made me feel more fulfilled. I enjoy what I’m doing now. Being with the individuals every day has made a big difference in my life again,” says Sandy.

Older Workers are Hitting the Mark at Goodwill

Goodwill Opens Drive Thru Donation Centre in Frostburg

A Dream Come True for one Young Goodwill Worker

The goal of National Employ Older Workers Week is to raise awareness of this growing an underused group of workers. It also helps employers to come with initiatives and strategies to get older workers onboard.

Trisha Paul from Horizon Goodwill says, “Having Sandy in the kitchen area is a huge help.” It lets us focus more on other job duties specific to our client needs.
Community Programs Manager for Goodwill Terri Foote says, “You can tell that Sandy is happier working side by side with others rather than sitting behind a desk. It’s nice to see her smile.”
Goodwill is one of only 15 national nonprofit organizations authorized by the U.S. Department of Labor to administer the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) to provide assistance to older workers.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, workers who are 55 and older will make up one-quarter of the civilian workforce within the next five years.


Photo Credit: Horizon Goodwill

Sandy Brotemarkle working at Goodwill Horizon

By Raychel Harvey-Jones

Horizon Goodwill surging forward with new donation drop off drive -thru in Hagerstown 

Life in the fast lane and donating on the go just got easier. Horizon Goodwill opened a drive-thru donation centre on Friday in Frostburg, Maryland.

“To serve our donors better, we want to make the donation process as easy and convenient as possible,” says Horizon Goodwill CEO John McCain. “A drive-thru donation center allows the donor to be protected from the elements as it isn’t necessary to leave the car if you wish.”

Horizon Goodwill serves over 5,000 people each year through its mission of “Removing Barriers, Creating Opportunities”. Donations are an essential part of the work carried out by the non-profit recently rated #1 in the Brand World Value Rankings for 2016 above brands like Amazon and Google for sticking to their mission. 
This location is rare in that donors actually get to drive through the building, drop off donations and drive on out. 

Dream Come True For  Young Goodwill Worker

“One of the main ways we serve people is through paid work opportunities, and many of those opportunities come through our donated goods retail program. This program relies on donations from the community to be successful. We estimate that one bag of clothing results in one hour of paid work training for individuals with disabilities or other barriers to employment,” adds McCain.
The Frostburg drive-thru location is the second location the organization has opened this year; the first opened in Hagerstown in July.

“The Hagerstown location has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings out of all of our drop off locations. We expect higher and higher numbers of donors each month, says McCain.”
Horizon Goodwill is keeping up with the demands of both those in the community who need help and those who are part of the donating process. McCain says there are more stores on the way.
McCain says, “We hope to open our 18th store next month at the South End shopping center in Hagerstown, behind South Hagerstown High School. It will have an attached drive-thru donation center.” 

In 2017, the organization will also be looking to update many of its stores, which will increase the number of donation sites.

Photo Credit: Horizon Goodwill

Sandy Brotemarkle working at Goodwill Horizon

Goodwill Horizon Ribbon Cutting in Frostburg, MD.

Photo Courtesy of Goodwill Horizon/ Ovation PR

It was a dream come true for 16 year-old  Kyler Dietrich as he shared a Limo ride with his summer work program colleague and friend 17 year-old Aaron Blickenstaff.
The young men have developmental disabilities.

This summer they took part in a job shadowing program in collaboration with Horizon Goodwill and Community Depot in Hagerstown, Md.

Community Depot is the retail distribution center for Golden Tissue owned by Gus Shahrooz.

"At Horizon Goodwill it is our goal to break down the barriers. This summer we worked with 13 young people with unique abilities and showed them how they could be a part of the workforce," said Catharine Fleming, Chief Mission Officer for Horizon Goodwill.

After seeing an ad for a limousine in a magazine Dierich told his colleagues and friends he would use the money he earned at Goodwill to buy one. 

Today that dream became a reality. 

Fleming said, "We are so grateful to Gus and his team not only for helping these young men through the summer job program but for going above and beyond. The limousine, the red carpet. What a great day."

By Raychel Harvey-Jones

Horizon Goodwill offers programs to help get your GED.