Million Dollar Quartet

By Raychel Harvey-Jones  

‘Dependent’s Day’ Proves Hollywood Loves Strong Women

By Raychel Harvey-Jones  

Kerry Cahill Goes Solo!​

 According to the story line, it was Gladys who was the disciplinarian in the family and the person who made sure Elvis knew he was something special. In turn, Elvis promised his mother he would take care of her when he became famous and by all accounts he lived up to his word.

“Million Dollar Quartet” started filming back in April in Memphis and is scheduled to debut in early November.

It is timed to correspond with the 60th anniversary of the famous recording sessions with icons Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins.  

“Dependent’s Day” follows the lives of a young couple. Joe Burke plays Cam, a struggling actor who is claimed as a dependent by his sexy and successful girlfriend Benita Robledo who plays Alice. Cam bumbles through life trying his hand at several jobs but can’t quite seem to get his act together. He takes on a babysitting job that leaves him and Alice in a very awkward situation. 

Lynch says, “I don’t want to give too much away for those who haven’t seen the film. The babysitting scene was taken from a real life situation. That’s all I will say. The movie was supposed to be a short, but from the minute I cast Joe Burke as Cam, I knew it had to be a feature. On his first read, Joe was a grenade of laughs and the connection between him and Benita was great. Benita plays the perfect straight guy in the movie. I thought to myself; she won’t be ruining any takes laughing as she doesn’t find it funny, she was amazing.”

Lynch admits that some of the scenes were borrowed from his life and the lives of his friends. 

“My grandparents always said ‘never go to bed angry with anyone,’ so I used that in the movie. In the film ‘As good as it gets’ there is that great line—’You made me want to be a better man.’ I looked for that in my wife, and I found it, so I wanted to reflect that in the movie.”

“It’s not the same old romantic comedy where you watch a couple fall in love. It’s real they have real problems. Alice is this incredibly strong woman the bread-winner in the family and Cam needs to man up, in saying that the audience falls in love with him every time,” adds Lynch.

“Dependent’s day” is available on iTunes, Amazon, AT & T and most video on demand service where you can buy or rent movies. 

With ‘Dependent’s Day’ now a blinding success with audiences in the U.S and overseas, Lynch says he will now start promoting his latest documentary. 
Lynch says, “It’s about victims of sexual child abuse and turning them into victors. It follows the story of Theo Fleury. Fleury won a gold medal at the 2002 Olympics playing hockey. He recently told his story of being abused by a coach when he was younger. In many ways, both “Dependent’s Day” and “Victor Walk” are inspirational in their own ways they are progressive stories with real meaning.”

To get a sneak peak of the movie you can check it out here!

Hollywood Hard Hitters 

“I wanted to do something I was passionate about that’s when my thoughts turned inward and I knew I wanted to tell progressive stories. I had previously produced a few romantic comedies; I even inspired a friend of mine to make a movie, so that got me thinking.”

Lynch says he started to see lots of people guys he knew from high school and college becoming stay at home dads. 
“I didn’t feel like the media were talking about it I didn’t feel like we saw movies about it. I grew up surrounded by strong women, so I knew there was a story to be told.”

” I grew up loving movies like ‘As good as it gets’ ‘When Harry Met Sally,’ that kind of romantic comedy, they had a meaning, they are not just looking to get a cheap laugh. I like to call it a comedy with heart.”

Michael Lynch is well known for producing “Burden” a big budget science fiction movie that he says was the crossroads in his career. 

” ‘Burden’ was a big movie for me, there were 500 extras, we shut down the financial district in Chicago, 50 assistants trying to make it all run smoothly it was a fun time, and it got me lots of producing jobs. I realized that I was making the dreams of other people real by producing lots of movies in LA, but some of the movies weren’t progressive. One day I just said, you know what I didn’t come to LA to produce I came to direct,” says Lynch.

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