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Director of “Dependent’s Day” Michael Lynch admits he was planning on making a short but from the moment Burke was cast as cam it became a feature. With so few movies offering strong roles for women I ask Burke how he felt about playing the underdog?

Burke says, “I loved playing the underdog character because I relate to that. I would say most folks do. It’s a fun place to be because people will ultimately root for you. And they can see themselves in the characters shoes, knowing what it’s like to go after your dreams and do your best. To fight for what you want. It’s a fun, uplifting journey to be on.”

“I think Cam is big hearted. He’s a genuine guy. He has a dream of wanting to be an actor. He’s a little naive but super sincere, and at the end of the day, he truly means well, as misunderstood as he may come across. I share a lot of these traits myself and can relate to them. But Cam’s a sweet guy who wants to do some good in the world. He’s very relatable.”

Lynch’s vision came to life with this movie. In an exclusive interview with Buzzfeed, he said he kept seeing guy friends from middle school and college becoming stay at home dads, but no one was talking about it. 

“I also think it’s imperative to have strong female characters. I think “Dependent’s Day” does that well. And you can already notice how Hollywood is embracing this with the new Star Wars movies for example and other films coming out that have strong female leads. It took a while but it’s finally happening, and I think it’s great for everyone,” adds Burke.

It’s not just on-screen men outnumber women but also behind the scenes and when it comes to film critics. Gender imbalance is an issue in the movie industry. San Diego University’s Center for the study of women in film and television recently released data showing that 73% of Rotten Tomatoes’ top critics are men.

It’s all about the power of a woman, but how do the guys feel about being dependent on the opposite sex.

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Women Are Fighting Back To Take Over Hollywood As “Dependent’s Day” Proves A Big Success

“Mike allowed everyone to do what felt right to them and hit the lines at the same time, it was a fun set to be on, and you can see that in the movie,” says Pineda.

Lisa Ann Walter plays Bette in the film, the cougar boss of Alice who puts Cam in an awkward situation. Walter is known for her roles in “Bruce Almighty” “ Shall We Dance” along with her comedy series on Fox Network says, she was talked into the project by Michael. 
“ His passion for this project was infectious.”

Walters adds, “I have never worked with someone who was so passionate about, a project on a budget with so many moving parts, but he was always so calm. 

“We worked 8 hour days instead of the usual 12-15 hours on a typical film project, and the crew was happy, I wanted people to have normal lives on and off set,” says Lynch.

Walter says, “I have worked with some of the biggest money making actors, these guys were one big team we all wanted to be there.”

“There is a fresh perspective that we are telling in Dependent’s day, it doesn’t matter what others think about you or your relationships, what is important is if that the love and the relationship works, “ says Lynch.

You can check out the “behind the scenes” movie here.

“Dependent’s Day” follows the relationship of Cam, played by Joe Burke – a frustrated and unemployed actor determined to follow his dream and his super sexy, successful girlfriend Alice played by Benita Robledo.

“My short answer is that I loved playing the role of Cam. I brought a lot of myself to the role. My sense of timing and comedy mixed with the director’s vision meshed well to create an engaging but yet very heartfelt performance, tone, and movie. As silly as the film can feel at times, keeping it grounded and feeling real was always most important to me. Honesty in character and story is also something I want to strive for, I think we found a great balance, “ says Joe Burke. 

Film Ratings: By Raychel Harvey-Jones


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Award winning movie director Michael Lynch says he knew “Dependent’s Day” had to be more than a short when he saw the chemistry between the lead characters. 
The ‘behind the scenes’ video shows Joe Burke and Benita Robledo along with other cast members talking about their role in the movie, some funny moments and never seen before footage. Lynch himself gives away some secrets as to where his inspiration came from for the opening scene. 

The movie follows a young couple, Joe Burke who plays Cam, a struggling actor chasing his dream of making it to Hollywood. Benita Robledo plays Alice, Cam’s smart, sexy and successful girlfriend who claims Cam as a dependent. 
Lynch says he is thrilled with the accolades that are rolling in for the movie. Film Fervor just named “Dependent’s Day” one of the top five Indie films of 2016. 

“As we got to talking and discovering who these people were just had more and more ideas. Then the call came from Michael he said ‘block out the whole month we are making a feature’ I wasn’t surprised it felt right,” says Robledo.
“We were wondering from the first rehearsal, this was too long to be a short film, it grew from day one of the cold read through,” says Burke.
“It’s a movie about sincere love, it’s not a typical romantic comedy,” says Michael Lynch. “The accounting office is the first time Cam realizes he is not where he wants to be. This scene came from my life experience; my wife had hit a grove in her career and was earning more than me. We were in an accountant’s office, and he starts putting me down. I think the raw honestly came from real life experiences and I also workshopped scenes with the actors,” says Lynch. 
“Our relationship in the movie is normal for today, it’s not a typical love story, it’s real, life love” adds Burke.
Erin Pineda plays a film director in the movie, and she is not impressed with Cam.

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