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The 22 a day Pushup challenge hopes to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention through education and empowerment. 
According to a report published in August by the Office of Suicide Prevention through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, suicides have increased by 32 percent for veterans since 2001.
The VA found the worst suicide pattern among male veterans, ages 18-29. Their suicide rate was 86 per 100,000 people,-nearly four times the rate among active-duty service members last year.

As part of Suicide Awareness Month, you can get involved in challenge by simply recording a video of yourself doing pushups and upload it to Facebook or Twitter. Facebook.
You can head to the Military Veteran Project’s website for more information.


Kerry Cahill Joins AMVETS!

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By Raychel Harvey-Jones

#22ADay: Actress Kerry Cahill Steps up to Help Raise Suicide Awareness Among vets

Actress Kerry Cahill is taking on one her biggest challenges, to help prevent suicide in veterans.
According to national statistics 22 veterans in the U.S. commit suicide every day. A social media trend started by a national veterans advocacy organization, hopes to change that by getting people across the country to help raise awareness.
Cahill, well known for her role in this year’s film Free State of Jones along with actor Mathew McConaughey, is hitting the deck as part of the 22 a day pushup Challenge.
Cahill announced last month that she is now the national spokesperson for The American Veteran, Inc.

Cahill’s father a veteran was shot six times during the Fort Hood, Texas shooting in 2009. He was an advocate for mental health services for veterans in the military.

Cahill says, “I am passionate about spreading the word on suicide prevention and making sure soldiers get the best care. Those were things my dad was passionate about as well, and I want to continue that mission.”